My imaginary husband. *swoons* I’m officially in love with a ghost. And I regret nothing. (okay these two are my favourite OTP ever. No exceptions)


That awkward moment when the ghost that’s haunting your house is giving you a talk about the birds and the bees and it somehow veers off into another direction about how in love he is with your mother.

"I never once allowed a woman on board my ship, but if I had known you a hundred years ago, I would have carried you off to sea and shown you how beautiful the world can be. I have met my match in you. Lord knows I waited for you and hunted for you. How was I to know you hadn’t even been born yet? Oh you won’t remember any of this when you wake up, Madam, you shan’t have that advantage over me. How sad that you were not born in my time, nor I in yours."

Edward Mulhare as Captain Daniel Gregg, The Ghost & Mrs Muir

This has to be the most beautiful monologue in the history of TV & would you believe that it’s from a sitcom? These words have the power to reduce me to a sad puddle of tears because of the massive feelings I have for the Ghost of Captain Gregg, the actor who plays him & the series in general. Seriously, you just don’t understand.

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